Hello everyone!

I have decided to start this blog as a way to capture my life in and around medical school. I was born in Sudan and moved to the United States with my family at the age of 7. I am now a second-year medical student. Most of my days are spent hiding in a quiet area while frantically flipping flashcards and the pages to my USMLE First Aid book but nonetheless, I try to have some fun here and there. I have such a vast interest in things and despite the demands of medical school, I love to cook and learn about different cultures.

I have a passion for mentoring and I love to give advice! It has taken me a long time to get to where I am so I always want to give back in any way I possibly can. I want to share this journey in hopes of inspiring and motivating you all to become the best version of yourselves. Whatever path you have chosen to follow, it will be hard work but remember that’s how dreams are turned into reality. If you have any questions regarding medical school feel free to shoot me an email. It may take time but I will respond!


Nile Child