What should I bring with me from home for EBS 5?


Are you about to start EBS 5 and are completely clueless as to what you will need like I was? A few of my friends have asked me about the EBS 5 semester at UMHS so this post is going to be dedicated to incoming EBS 5 students. EBS 5 is such a chaotic semester so please read these next few posts I will be writing to help clear some confusion that you may have!

This first post is about what I think you guys should bring with you to the island before EBS 5 so that you can have an easy transition into EBS 5 and a smooth semester with less worry.

“What you need” are things you absolutely need for the semester with no questions asked! “What’s recommended?” are just things that I found to be helpful. I recommend getting these things while you go home for the break and bringing them with you to the island because once the semester starts, you are going to be incredibly busy!

Like many of my peers, I don’t have a money tree growing outside in my backyard so these things that I have listed are the bare minimum requirements!

What you NEED for EBS 5


You need a stethoscope without a doubt. It doesn’t matter which brand, just make sure it has a bell in addition to the diaphragm! Mine is the Littman Cardiology III Stethoscope. You will use this a million times through out the semester.

White coat (THE SHORT ONE)

I have 2 white coats. My original white coat, which I used for PD, Physio lab, neuro lab, etc. is the same coat that I use for ICM labs. Over the break between EBS 4 and 5, I bought a SECOND white coat because I just wanted to have a newer coat that fit better and looked better for the hospital and presentations, etc. This is most likely the coat I will use when we do Clinical Rotations in the States.

You DON’T need 2 lab coats, I’m just extra. If you use the same lab coat that you used in PD and are planning on using it again in ICM labs, and hospitals, just make sure it is “durable” or will last and doesn’t have holes in it or anything like that.

Professional clothes

If you’ve seen the EBS 5 students, you probably thought that we dress up all the time but we only dressed up for the hospital, presentations, and practicals. You go to the hospital 5 times, there is 1 midterm practical, 1 final practical, and 1 presentation. So, you actually only need 8 professional outfits or mix and match and make 10 outfits just in case and you will be more than fine.

Dressing up those times is NOT optional. You can’t go to the hospital in scrubs and you can’t take the practicals in scrubs either. Of course you can wear whatever you want as long as it is professional but I highly recommend comfortable shoes because you will be standing a LOT in the hospital.

Guys, make sure you have ties. You can’t just wear button ups without the ties.

Females, FLATS > heels. Your feet will thank you. Also, the doctors and people on the island are conservative, this means your professional clothes have to be modest. I’m not saying cover from head to toe but make sure the skirts aren’t too short and cleavage isn’t showing. The patients in the hospital are already suffering, the last thing they need is someone to come in looking as though they are going to the club. I know that sounds really harsh but professionalism is very important.


This is not negotiable! You need about 2 or 3 pairs of scrubs. I used TWO pairs of scrubs the entire semester and survived. I was afraid people were going to make fun of me or talk bad because I only had those two scrubs BUT in reality, most people did too. You are in ICM lab at the most two times a week. You can wear professional clothes to the labs but scrubs are easy to get in and out of. Please get them.


I thought long and hard about whether I should put clipboard under recommended or required but I think I’m going to say it’s required. You will be standing up and writing a lot in EBS 5 for ICM. So you really do need this especially when you go into the hospital to take notes on your patients.

Not needed but RECOMMENDED:

Robbins Pathology Hard Copy textbook

This is the reference book for everything path. Dr. W loves this book and her powerpoints are based on this so I highly recommend having this book for Dr. W’s lectures. Dr. J, doesn’t use it so much because he gives you everything you need to know in his powerpoints. He recommends pre-reading it before class.

UWorld Qbank

I recommend doing lots and lots of UWorld questions for pharm as well as for path AND for preparing for USMLE STEP 1. Getting your subscription now and doing just 10 questions a night puts you ahead of the game. By the end of the semester you will finish HALF of the UWorld question bank. When you get to Maine, you can finish the second half. Trust me, there is no negative aspect about purchasing this set of questions. Please budget it in somehow!

Before the exams and quizzes, I did these questions and they were helpful. You can’t go wrong with UWorld.


I am a strong advocate for flashcards because this is the method that works for me. I use both hard copies and electronic flashcards such as Quizlet. If you’re not a flashcard person, that’s okay, we all have our own methods of studying but if you are, make sure you stock up before coming to EBS 5.

I used them for all of the EBS 5 classes because there is so much information so in a way they helped me with organizing each topic or disease or drug. I used Quizlet for pharm and hard copy cards for Path and ICM.

Pathoma book and videos

I didn’t use the Pathoma book or videos for path at all. BUT I am using it for reviewing for NBME final. Pathoma is a review resource. Because the final is cumulative and we have learned everything we need to know, I’m using Pathoma to review the material. I will let you guys know how that works out after I take the NBME.

I think this is it. You don’t need a reflex hammer, opthalmoscope, otoscope or any of those things but if you can afford them, please get them because it would be nice to have your own to practice with on your friends and family and while in lab; however, these items are provided to you in lab for practice.

Get in contact with me if you have any questions!

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