Transitioning from EBS 4 to EBS 5


First off, I want to say congrats to everyone who will be making it out of EBS 4 into EBS 5! You are one step closer to finishing basic sciences and another step closer to fulfilling your dream!

EBS 4 was TOUGH!!! This semester was packed with information but you did it and I am so happy for each and every one of you because I know the struggle!!!

When I was heading in to EBS 5, I didn’t really have a guide. I didn’t have anyone to say, “Hey, heads up, this is what you need and don’t need for EBS 5 and by the way, don’t do this but do this instead.” I think it’s so important to have that because not only will you mentally prepare but it is also motivational. You will be so much more prepared for the semester if you know what to expect.

After EBS 4, I was just chilling, super excited that I am about to enter my final semester of basic sciences and more determined than ever to finish successfully. I don’t think I mentally prepared for EBS 5 though because from the very first day, I was already exhausted.

Here are some tips that I recommend for a smooth transition from EBS 4 to EBS 5 and if you follow some of this advice, I guarantee you will be more prepared than a lot of students starting EBS 5.

First: Take a deep breath. You did it. You passed EBS 4! But wait, before you take that deep breath, go ahead and email the school’s nurse and ask her if your immunizations are up to date or which titers and immunizations you NEED to get for the hospital rotations here on the island and for Maine. If you’re reading this and are on campus, don’t even email her, just run up to her office, ask her to look at your file too see which vaccines, titers, and boosters you ALREADY have. In my experience, she’s horrible with emails so it’s best to go up to her office to ask.

The reason that I recommend taking care of this now BEFORE the break, while you are still on the island is because if you need a vaccine or booster and it is available on the island, it is a lot cheaper to go ahead and get that taken care of on the island than back home.

Okay, now that you already went and asked her or emailed her, you can proceed reading this post.

Over the break, get all of your vaccines that you need and titers, get your updated immunization records from your doctor, and bring these papers with you on the very first day of classes.

On that first day of classes, as soon as you get to campus, go upstairs and hand those files to the nurse. I’m not joking when I say go up there on the very first day as soon as you get to campus or as soon as the nurse gets there. The key here is that you want to be among the first 30 students to turn in your forms because you will be in the first group to rotate in Maine.

Why would you want to be in the first group when you get to Maine? BECAUSE would you rather be doing your preceptorship, ICM II class, CPR class, and getting all of that out of the way and then doing Kaplan alone and studying for STEP 1 during the second part of Maine semester OR would you rather do Kaplan, studying for step, and going back and forth to preceptorship?

My reasoning is that I would knock out preceptorship, ICM II, CPR class and anything extra so that during the second half of the Maine semester, all I am doing is Kaplan and studying for STEP. I want the second half of Maine to be dedicated only to STEP studying. Of course, when I get to Maine, I’ll be able to tell you guys what exactly what you should do. But for now, this is the best advice I can pass down.

I think this is about it for the transition between EBS 4 to EBS 5. EBS 5 is an intense semester and time is a huge issue. I’ll make another post about what I recommend you should study or how you can prepare for classes over the break.

Enjoy the break, get your things together for the semester and start with the mentality that in just 4 months, basic sciences will be over!

Email me with questions if you have any!

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