The perfect gifts for medical students

Med School

It’s that time of the year again and if you are looking for the perfect gift for your medical student, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of a few gift ideas (in no particular order) that may help you in search:

1. Stethoscope

As medical students, not only do we wan’t a stethoscope but we absolutely NEED one. A lot of us use Littman stethoscopes but there much more affordable ones out there and that doesn’t make them any less than Littman. No matter which stethoscope you purchase, you can make it more special by having the student’s initials or name engraved on it.

Make sure to check with the school before making this purchase to see which stethoscope they require their students to have.

2. UWorld Subscription

Medical students worldwide use UWorld to prepare for the USMLE (License Exam). These are a set of retired USMLE questions that help the students figure out where they stand. A subscription to UWorld is a little on the expensive side; however, almost every student who has taken the Step 1 of the license exam would recommend it!

Image result for uworld logo3. Scrubs

Depending on the school that your medical student goes to, he or she is more than likely required to purchase their own scrubs. A lot of schools have a specific company that ask their students to purchase from but if not, I recommend Cherokee Scrub tops and bottoms. I love the way these fit, the variety of sizes they have, and how comfortable they are. A lot of people opt for unisex scrubs as well.

4. First Aid book

I think most medical students can agree that is their copy of First Aid is almost practically their bible for USMLE STEP 1. From the beginning of basic sciences, we each purchase this book and annotate it so that when it is time to study for STEP 1, it’s ready…at least we are supposed to anyways. Make sure to purchase the latest edition of this book.

5. Coffee Machine / Espresso Maker

A friend of mine who was already in Med school laughed at me when I told her, I would get through medical school without drinking coffee. We are always so tired and sleepy and a coffee is the answer to our problem. A coffee maker would make a great gift for your medical student, no matter which year he or she is in.

6. Gym bag

Exercise is truly the best stress reliever and why not give the give of stress relief? I have the Adidas Squad III gym bag and I love it! It has so many pockets for literally everything that you would need to bring to the gym/locker room. Plus, the bag is really cute!

7. Stethoscope Heart Art Decal

Almost everyone I know has this art decal on their laptop. It’s just a cute way to proclaiming to the world that we are medical students. We are passionate about what we are doing! This is a cute and inexpensive gift.

8. Noise canceling headphones

If you are thinking about getting your medical student noise canceling headphones, you will definitely be appreciated I guarantee that! A lot of us use these in the library or coffee shops because event though we like the environment, we like to study in total silence. Here, here, and here are some cool ones that I’ve seen my classmates with:

9. Crockpot / Slow cooker

A crockpot would make a great gift for anyone who does not have a lot of time to cook. With the help of Pinterest, there are so many different crockpot recipes that can be made. I purchased my crockpot before coming to medical school and I use it for my meal prep every week. I just place whatever ingredients a recipe calls for, go and study and come back to a cooked meal. Most crockpots are also rice makers so you get a 2 in 1 deal. Such a great investment!

10. Dissection Kit

So this gift can be for pre-meds or incoming medical students. When we first start medical school, we start anatomy lab and our first human dissections. I purchased this dissection kit from Amazon for my anatomy lab. If you get this kit for pre-med students then I believe its a motivational/encouraging gift that says “soon you’ll get to use this!”

11. DNA Pendant / EKG Pendant

This makes a cute gift for a friend or significant other. Who doesn’t like jewelry?

12. Pens / Highlighters

Without a doubt, your medical students will need colorful pens and highlighters. I would like to argue that there is no one on earth who takes more notes than us medical students. We will appreciate this gift because 1) its practical and 2) we need it.

13. Watch

It looks really bad in clinicals if we don’t have a watch. This is another thing that we need. We learn to count heart rate, breath sounds, etc. and having a watch makes it much easier. I have had my Seiko watch for the longest time and it has definitely came in handy in med school.

14. Reusable spill-proof coffee tumblers

Like I mentioned before, we drink lots of coffee and/or tea. Over these past two years, I’ve accumulated a number of coffee mugs/tumblers but nothing beats the spill-proof ones I have. These are great for the library or computer lab where we are not allowed to have drinks unless they are in a spill-proof container.

15. Reusable Water bottles

No one likes to be dehydrated! Water bottles much appreciated from all of us. I love my Camelbak water bottles!

16. iPad / Tablet

I purchased my own iPad in the very beginning of med school when I realized almost everyone had either an iPad or a tablet of some sorts. A lot of people take their notes directly on the iPad; however, I use it because it is portable and I can study from it virtually anywhere. It is probably the best investment that I made and I am sure any medical student will love an iPad or tablet as a gift. When I head off to clinicals, I will invest in an iPad mini instead of the larger one I have because it can easily fit in the lab coat pocket and can be used for quick reference.


17. Gift Cards

Gifts cards are always the safest gift to give. If you don’t know which kind of gift card, one to a restaurant would be PERFECT!

I hope that this list gave some of you ideas! I know a lot of these gifts are pricey and honestly, a lot of us can’t even afford them, that’s why they would make an extra special gift!

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