What should I major in to become a doctor?

Med School

This answer is simple: Anything that you like.


To become a doctor, you don’t necessarily have to major in the sciences. You don’t need to be a Biology, Chemistry, or Physics major. You do, however, need to take science prerequisites before applying to medical school. I started off as a biology major in undergrad and took random courses until I found out that I really enjoyed Medical Anthropology and next thing you know, I am graduating from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with the intentions of going to medical school.

I actually recommend majoring in something that you absolutely love while being Pre-med at the same time. This will give you a chance to do two things:

1.) enjoy your classes and
2.) Following your dreams.

For instance, if you absolutely love European History, why not become a history major and take your Pre-med classes at the same time? If you love art or music, why not major in those?

The benefit to going to a liberal arts college is you get to be exposed to different fields of study through the electives requirements. At my university, we were required to take a couple of courses from different disciplines to fulfill the electives requirements and that is where I found out that I loved Medical Anthropology.

Before I applied to medical school, I watched a series of seminars and visited a few schools and the various admission departments all shared one thing: they all wanted a well-rounded applicant. I’ll discuss what it means to be a well-rounded medical school applicant in a future post but one thing to take from this is that medical schools aim to diversify their classes.

Medical schools want to train doctors who knowledgeable about many different things and can relate to different people. This doesn’t mean that one should pick a major that they think will help them get into a medical school but choosing one that you love to learn about.

With that being said, don’t stress it when it comes to majors and what medical schools wants in terms of it. They would much rather hear you talking about your passionate about and what you can contribute to medicine!

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